Riding the #WakeletWave to Advocate for Twitter Edu 🏄‍♂️

If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of the incredible benefits of having a Professional Learning Network (PLN). While there are certainly plenty of educators and PLNs on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for me, Twitter is my "jam." My feeling is once you're sharing on Twitter and connected to a group of educators,... Continue Reading →


You and that Darn Flip-A-Grid Thing!!!

"You and that darn Flip-A-Grid Thing!!!" "Do you work for that company or something?" "Uh-huh, we know! Flipgrip!" "Flip Grade again?!?!" Yes!! Me and that Flipgrid again! No, dear colleagues, not because Flipgrid is popular on Twitter. Not because they sent me a sweatshirt or stickers (although I do love my hoodie 😎). Not even because... Continue Reading →

#OneWord2018: Create

Funny thing about the #OneWord movement that is very popular this time of year... I "participated" last year around this time and was REALLY excited about the prospect of defining my year's goals, resolutions, and direction in one word. So what was my word? I have no idea! During his weekly #MakeItReal twitter chat, Denis Sheeran (@MathDenisNJ)... Continue Reading →

How Much Do We Really Understand?

I'll admit that this post is not exactly about Innovation, but it is directly related to my re-reading the book. Sometime around November/ December, I first read George Couros' book, and I certainly got plenty out of it. I was inspired to align myself more closely to the 8 characteristics of an innovative educator. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Challenging the Norm #IMMOOCB2

In George Couros' graphic (sketched by Slyvia Duckworth) "School vs. Learning, he mentions that school encourages compliance, where learning is about challenging the norm. Further, George points out how school often teaches us to obtain information from certain people (the teacher) versus promoting the concept that everyone, including the teacher, is a learner. I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Start With the Heart

The truth is, if our students don't like us, or at least respect us, they will NOT want to learn from us. Sure, you may scare the into memorizing their multiplication facts. Maybe they'll do well on the state mandated standardized test. However, if they do not like you, meaningful change will not occur.  Students must feel safe,... Continue Reading →

Be a Change Agent, not a Complaint Agent

PARCC, SBAC, SGO, SGP, NJSLS, CCCS...If you do a quick Google search of "Education Acronyms" the first result yields a list with over 110 frequently used acronyms in the field of education. Some simplistic, some you may actually need the list to see what the acronym references.  This lengthy list doesn't even include the few, rather... Continue Reading →

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